Polyamorous Humans in One or More Relationships:

Discover The 5 Principles Our Clients Use to Create Secure, Thriving Open Relationships

Even if nothing else—including therapy—has EVER worked before.

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Learn the five little-known principles that allow our clients to transform their relationships in a matter of weeks:

  • Principle #1: Embrace Your Power - How to save your family and put the fear of breaking up behind you forever… even if you’re the only one who is willing to try.

  • Principle #2: Don’t Buy the Propaganda - The non-monogamous community is lying to you. Here’s the truth you need to know in order to build thriving relationships.

  • Principle #3: Fall in Love with Jealousy - Jealousy shouldn’t be a dirty word. Learn how to leverage the “Jealousy Trifecta” to replace guilt and jealousy with safety and security.

  • Principle #4: Use the Secret Weapon - Are you putting a ton of work into healing your relationship without much to show for it? Here’s how to transform your communication and connection even if nothing else has worked before.

  • Principle #5: Don’t Go It Alone - Polyamory is hard. If you want to succeed it’s vital to find the right mentor and the right community. Here’s how to do that.

Cassie Fuller

Cassie Fuller is a professional relationship coach and the founder of Touch of Flavor. Over the last twelve years, she's helped dozens of non-monogamous clients all over the world overcome their struggles and keep their families together. She specializes in creating permanent transformation in a matter of weeks — even when individual therapy and couples counseling have failed.

Grab My 24 Hour Pass!